🐞Varmints + Orchestra🐞

I have a ridiculously ambitious idea & need your help!



Are you in an orchestra (maybe at music college or uni) and would you like to play Varmints live with us? Great! We’d love to play it with you too! 🎺🎻πŸ₯

OR Do you teach at a uni etc and reckon your students would like a spot of AM in their life?

Here’s my vision:

We’ve got these really, REALLY great chamber orchestra arrangements of Varmints (plus some other bits) for band + orch.

We’d love to come to your college/town/City (anywhere in world πŸ—Ί) and perform a show of them with you.

We could also do some kind of residency where as well as playing a show together I can do some compo lessons etc etc.

If you have any idea of colleges/orchestras/conductors Etc who might be into the idea we’d really love to make a bunch of these happen next year.

Plz get in touch (hello@annameredith.com) with any ANY hot leads or for more detailed info & we really hope to come honk with you soon