An installation for custom-cut whirly tubes & UV lights, commissioned by Barbican Centre for Sound Unbound 2017

Hum 4 (Mark Allan:Barbican).jpg
Hum 2 (Mark Allan:Barbican).jpg


An installation for the lifts between Marks & Spencer and Selfirdges in the Arndale Centre, Manchester for Manchester International Festival in 2017.

“I was thinking of four-part choral inventions, soprano-alto-tenor-bass, stuff like Bach’s chord writing where one part might change by one note and it completely changes the scale and harmony of the whole thing. That’s like the lifts – they can be completely static, all at the same level, and then one changes and the balance is all disrupted. I’m thinking it’ll be pure, electronic sine-like tones that will bend in pitch as you go up and down floors. It’s about using information generated by people using functional things to affect something musical. I also thought it might be good for the shops, if people come in to play about in the lifts.”



Anna collaborated with design Studio to create The Chronarium Sleep Lab - a public sleep laboratory presented as an immersive audiovisual environment that totally transforms its location into a restorative, calm and contemplative experience, responding to the Smart Nation’s need to tackle the challenges of the healthcare system. Originally commissioned for and by the FutureEverything Festival Singapore 2015, this stunning and atmospheric creation offers a fully immersive experience and is aimed at providing an antidote to non-stop city living. On entering the sleep lab, visitors lie down, rest and relax inside suspended hammocks to partake in an exclusive audio-visual experience.